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My role: Design Lead     Collaborators: Saish Rane, Sujay Mahadik, Yatharth Roy Vibhakar



Project Mysa is a mental health project aimed at building a community, stimulating discourse by creating a safe space and breaking taboos. They work with schools to develop well-being programmes as part of the school curriculum.


Their old logo was a blurred image downloaded from a free-to-use logo maker. Now that they had come into some funding, they wanted to rebrand and project themselves as a brand that could connect to both young students and the older school board.​


The new identity is inspired by the idea of being open and feeling at peace. It feels fresh, yet familiar enough to appeal to the older school authorities.

Work in Progress: Brand Moodboard and Keywords

Project Mysa purple png.png

Brand Collaterals

You can view the community project and follow them here.

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