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Blush House


My role: Designer and Artist     Collaborators: Zygmund De Somogyi



Gaudeamus Screendive is an online platform dedicated to showcasing digital and interactive sound art. Zygmund de Somogyi, a British-Filipino composer, artist, performer, and writer, approached me with the idea of creating a virtual exhibition about shared creativity and collective consciousness. Thus Blush House was born - an interactive RPG-based exhibition featuring works by the two of us, commissioned by Gaudeamus Screendive.


Both of our pieces were graphic scores, intended to be interpreted both visually and sonically. Additionally, I had to think about how the audience would move across the game and their specific user experience.


The final piece was an 816x624 pixel room where the player could move and discover new characters and pathways hidden in it. The musicians who played this piece interpreted the moving pathways as the highs and lows of their instruments.

The game can be played by clicking here.

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