Elfur Furnitures


Client: Ulhas Kathane, Founder of Elfur   My role: Brand Designer



As humans, we are additive in nature - we rarely ever discard items from our home and products simply pile onto each other. Beyond teeming our homes with unnecessary junk, this also impacts the planet in multiple ways such as wasted manufacturing energy and overwhelming waste management systems. Mr Kathane approached me with his brand concept - smart, sustainable modular furniture for a globally conscious audience.  


To build the brand from scratch from the brand name and brand language to its visual identity. This also included setting up a design system that Elfur employees could use to develop brand and marketing collaterals.


After the brand discovery session with Mr Kathane, we set out the brand mission in clear language: to give consumers an alternative furnishing option that allows for uncluttered living space and a sustainable, clean lifestyle.

Work in Progress: Keywords and Stylescapes

Option 2.jpg