Kaveri Gifted Education & Research Center (KGERC)


My role: Brand and Social Media Designer



Kaveri Gifted Education and Research Center (KGERC) is a non-profit organization that supports young people in intellectual, creative, artistic and leadership areas. They often work with the world-renowned MENSA to develop workshops, projects and programmes for their students.


They approached me with the intention of refreshing their brand identity while maintaining their original brand colours and brand values.


Their old brand identity looked dated - they needed something that looked fresh and would appeal to both their target audiences: young students and their parents.

Work in Progress: Keywords, Moodboards and Logo Development

The final logo represented two halves of the brain fitting in together like puzzle pieces. It also looked like the letter 'K' standing for Kaveri.

BI system-02.jpg
BI system-07.jpg

Brand collaterals

As KGERC's main platform was Instagram, we developed a series of instagram posts that would go up on their profile. Each post spoke about some of the struggles of their students.