Lonely Bodies


My role: Designer   Participants: Azza Wielach, Louise Dukes, @hhh.yaru, Jiayan Fan, @jocelyne_vv, @Elsy.baoo, @uxuanillus, @jinow.c.c, Xiaoxue, Jake Patte, Leanna, Joanna, Judith, Wu Chia-Chen, Hsieh, Hui Yu



As a part of the queer community, I often feel isolated within my family, knowing that the likelihood of being accepted for this aspect of my identity is very low. I wanted to explore if this experience is reflected in other people who are a part of the LGBTQ+ Community.


Can we use queer communities as a way to look within
ourselves and in turn, help us confront the isolation we feel within a heteronormative society?


The project involves a series of collaborative, community-building workshops with LGBTQIA+ people, whose stories were incorporated into the Lonely Bodies Zine. Creating the zine (i.e. the interviews/ workshops/ etc.) worked as a support system for all those involved, while the zine itself was an extension of this system.

Images and Artwork from the workshops and interviews

Through this project, I hoped to hold on to the DIY aesthetic of queer art. Zines have always been rooted in anti-capitalist and radical DIY culture. While some aspects of queer culture have become commodified with ideas around corporate pride, zines have remained autonomous and non-profit. Having the little imperfections of a Risograph rather than straightforward digital printing emphasized this idea.

The zine was made available at the Queer Summer Fayre in June 2022. The project was also shortlisted as part of the Creative Conscience Awards 2021-22.