Manzili Gallery


Art Director: Yatharth Roy Vibhakar     Collaborators: Sujay Mahadik, Saish Rane     My role: Designer



Manzili Gallery, located in Paris, started as an initiative to promote African representation within the arts industry, They work with contemporary African artists and give them the resources they need to succeed in European art and international markets. For their first show, they were featuring artist Karlexander, who creates collaged artworks that merge classical paintings with urban and contemporary elements. This exhibition was titled 'The New Classic'.


Manzili asked us to collaborate and develop an engaging marketing campaign that would draw in visitors across Paris and France for the show.


The resulting identity was based on the idea of slowly unveiling an artwork. We broke away from heavily context-based posters and focused on creating inquisitiveness in the audience. This approach would direct them towards the exhibition while also giving a hint of the art on display.

We wanted the identity to work with his art's framework and structure, rather than work around it.

beyoncé x nefertiti.png
les aimants.png
chryses hate eye drops too.png

Work in Progress

pitch pres_Page_07.jpg
social yathu-06.png
social yathu-08.png
social yathu-07.png

For the marketing campaign, we leaned into the 'frosted glass' imagery, with the artwork and text becoming clearer as the date of the exhibition came closer.


Instagram Grid, Week 1


Instagram Grid, Week 2


Instagram Grid, Week 3


While the exhibition itself had to be postponed indefinitely due to the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions, Manzili Gallery continues its efforts to promote African artists in the Parisian market.