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Meeting Point


My role: Design Lead     Collaborators: Yeonjoo Kim, Yaru Huang, Lingxi Xu, Christina Kessels

MA Exhibition - Brand board-08.jpg


Kingston University's MA Illustration Class of 2021-22 was putting on a graduate exhibition to showcase the work created during the year. As part of the cohort, I took lead in designing the identity for the exhibition.


The exhibition would showcase the work of over 80 students. The identity needed to be inclusive of all their different work.


The MA Illustration course is a point of convergence for all of us - where different students from different backgrounds met, made friends and will now diverge back onto their own individual, yet exciting pathways. The final identity was a playful and illustrative take on this concept.

Work in Progress: from experimentation to final brand board

final board 2.jpg
exhibition poster mockup.jpg

A floor map was created and distributed during the exhibition in order to guide the audience.


A digital invite was also sent out to university contacts. The final show was held from the 23rd to the 26th of September. It was a lovely celebration of all the work we created this year.

final invite.jpg
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