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Parks, Pieces & People


My role: Designer, Illustrator and Artworker



Parks, Pieces & People project began while practising life drawing in a local park. In August 2020, The London Green Spaces Commission released a report that put forward the issues that parks face and the steps that can be taken to resolve these issues. London’s core services budget has been cut by over 4 billion GBP in the last decade and expenses on green spaces have also fallen by 30%. There were two aspects of the main problem parks faced - one, the lack of funding, and two, general unawareness of how parks can impact the community.


To generate awareness about the importance of parks in urban spaces, and develop a local funding system for these parks.


I interviewed residents of Kingston about their experiences with parks and green spaces. I mapped out these experiences as illustrated postcards, which could be sold around Kingston to generate funding and simultaneously raise awareness.

Work in Progress

References: The visuals produced as part of this project were heavily inspired by the work of contemporary illustrators like Ed Cheverton.


Final Illustrations

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