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Verve x India Art Fair


Creative Director: Divya Mahindra    My role: Designer and Artworker



India Art Fair (IAF) is one of South Asia’s leading platform for contemporary art. For their 2020 exhibition, Verve Magazine partnered with IAF to showcase three new-age artists (Rohan Hande, Vartika Sharma, and Clement Stanback) as part
of the Verve Design Gallery.


The project required developing an adaptable brand identity for the event that would entice viewers to visit the show while simultaneously creating an identity for the gallery itself.


The result was a collaged identity system that could be applied to multiple iterations of the gallery, even if the featured artists had changed.

The visuals for the identity were inspired by Surrealist artwork by Artists like Rene Magritte.

Artist: Giorgio de Chirico

Artist: René Magritte


Artist: René Magritte

A series of short animated gifs were created - these served as the focal point for the event. The event collaterals and merchandise were created to work cohesively with the IAF branding, the gallery branding, as well as Verve's identity.

Event collaterals needed for marketing as well as during the art fair

The Verve Design Gallery at IAF 2020

The enthusiastic response to this resulted in another edition of the gallery popping up at Art Night Thursday (where galleries preview their current or upcoming shows for extended hours).

You can read more about the event and the featured artists here.

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